How to retrofit a sorting system

There are different reasons for the retrofit of sorting system in your production:

  • The performance of the line shall be increased with the existing palletiser.
  • Simple change of assortment: The present palletiser must handle new formats of packs, cartons or crates.
  • The existing palletiser is to remain in operation for cost or space reasons.

So how difficult is it to retrofit a sorting system? It is almost as easy as you put a chair to the table. The difference to the chair is essentially that the sorting system has to be positioned precisely and mounted on the spot in a permanently stable manner. This is usually done at the existing conveyor belt or the floor. As the photo above shows, our systems have also been mounted suspended on existing beams of the production facility.

How a chair is pushed to a table – Photo Sortec Sortiertechnik

At common applications, the sorting system is pushed to the conveyor on two angular frames. Thanks to this straightforward design, the system is clearly arranged. And it

  • is suitable to any conveyor
  • is adaptable to any height
  • is ready for operating two or more systems above each other
  • can be converted at any time for four mounting variants at the conveyor system: left/right mounting, infeed and outfeed variants
  • is infinitely adjustable to common belt speeds
  • is designed in such a way that the transfer board always pushes the product centrally and transfers it centrally to its end position. This is important for the safe transfer of packs coming crosswise instead of lengthwise.

In addition to sorting or distributing the products, the 90° turning function for the palletiser is also important for the supply of a particular layer pattern. This is done with a turning station that is just as easy to retrofit in the same modular and versatile setup.

The space-saving, slim design of our systems can be adapted to many conditions. It helps to retain the maximum of the required buffer distance between your packing machine and palletiser.