Turning 90 or 180°

You want to

  • feed the unpacker with uniformly oriented beverage crates
  • attach labels to a specified side of packs
  • attach handles to shrinkpack
  • incorporate trays with ready meals into cartons in a specified order
  • increase the output of the entire line with the existing conveyor and palletiser at reasonable cost by rotating the products
  • place your product on the pallet with the logo visible on the outside.

Efficient turning with Sortecs compact system

Our systems are turning by 90 or 180 degrees

  • Packs, shrinkpacks and filmpacks of all kinds
  • Boxes and cartons
  • recycled crates, full beverage crates
  • small packs, parcels or large cartons
  • Twinpacks, sixpacks, multipacks, fridgepacks
  • Cartons with cans, bottles, jars, all kinds of preserves, wrap around containers
  • low trays

Your benefits of rotating with Sortec:

  • easy to retrofit to existing conveyors
  • significant performance increase of your production line
  • rotates up to 170 packs per minute
  • easy to adapt to product changes: automatically or in simple manual steps
  • gentle product handling thanks to servo technology
  • easily combined with distribution or sorting
  • sensitive products such as thin-walled bottles in cartons without compartments are turned by two turning devices

The turning devices operate with little wear and low maintenance. The technology is robust, simple and easy to operate. Numerous systems are in use since 2006.

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