About Sortec

Sortec Sorting Technology founder Julian Braschos - Foto Sortec
Sortec Sorting Technology founder Julian Braschos – Foto Sortec

Founded in 1998 by Julian Braschos Sortec Sorting Technology develops, constructs, installs and services machines for turning, sorting, distributing and combining all kinds of products. Until 2009, he was advised by his father Karl-Heinz Braschos. His experience with Conto control systems goes back to the sixties.


  • 1999 Sortec manages the demanding handling of unstable PET bottles with tilt-proof merging from multi- to singlelane transport.
  • 2001 a system for crate sorting follows.
  • from 2003 on, the first 8 systems for feeding the palletiser with half-open biscuit boxes are installed.
  • 2006, space-saving turning and distribution is achieved with a single system.
  • 2006 Sortec manages to turn sensitive packs. A double-sided guide ensures precise and gentle product handling.
  • 2007 the first space-saving double turning station for 6-, 8- and 10-packs at 150 packs/minute is installed.
  • 2008 low Pizza rolls are distributed in a space-saving manner to five aisles with one single system.
  • 2012 sorting of recycled crates with 52 systems is commissioned at t-log trinklogistik
  • 2015 a sorting system handling 0,5 to 50 kgs boxes with loose metal parts is put in operation
  • since 2016 Cooperation with Icodus, a specialist in control and layer pattern preparation for palletisers.

Know-how for food production and logistics

Sortecs know-how is interesting for food production and logistics. They

  • turn trays with jam jars
  • distribute pizza rolls
  • distribute stacked meat trays, salad or vegetable boxes
  • supply packing robots with all kinds of cartons
  • move folded boxes
  • prepare pallet-compatible layer patterns for the robot.

Located at the intersection of the Dortmund – Frankfurt (A45) and Cologne – Krombach (A4) motorways Sortec Sorting Technology is operating in the centre of Germany and Europe. An ideal spot for transport, installation and support.