At the end of production, our systems are distributing your products for a specified Palletizer layer pattern. This is done either dependent on your product or your lane requirements. For example

  • 1 → 1 product distribution (letting one through, moving one aside)
  • 1 → 2, 1 → 3, or 1 → X distribution, creating a layer pattern based on counting or according to signal transfer, depending on your palletising requirements.

Distribution to feed different lanes

Another common distribution task is feeding different lanes

  • 2 → 2 lane distribution (two irregular inlets, two regular outlets) note this application.
  • 2 → 3 distribution (2 infeeds, 3 outfeed lanes). Products supplied by the packer in two lanes. The palletiser needs the packs coming in three lanes.
  • 2 → 4 or 2 → X distribution. Depending on the task, four or more discharge lanes are fed from two infeed lanes, for example for multi-pallets.
  • 1 → 3 distribution in combination with sorting with one system. Lanes 1 and 2 are fed evenly for production. Defective products are diverted to a third lane.

We have developed and expanded the distribution control for further tasks. We provide gap monitoring, a counting function and conveyor control. Thus our distribution devices create layer images for the palletizer. Here you find references of our distributors.

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