Since 1998, we are developing, manufacturing, installing and renewing systems for turning, sorting, distributing and combining different products and packaging for the following industries:

Automotive industry (supplier)Engine components
Chemical industryWashing powder and fabric softener
Electrical industryFans and consumer electronics
Beverage productionEmpty and full beverage crates
Cartons, packs, shrink packs, wrap around packaging
Beverage logisticsEmpty and full beverage crates
Cartons, packs, shrink packs, wrap around packaging
CosmeticsMake-up, body care products, perfume in boxes or cartons
Empty crate sorting and food logisticsEmpty beverage crates, bread baskets, folding crates, stacked meat trays, salad baskets, trays
Food productionBiscuit packs, can trays, pizza rolls, pasta packs, pet food
General logisticsPackages, parcels, letter trays, boxes with semi-finished products
Paper towel productionBundle of hygiene wipes
PharmaceuticalsFolding boxes, small trays

Our systems sort products of all kinds (packed or unpacked): For example, parcels, shrink packs, boxes, trays, beverage crates up to large cardboard boxes, as well as loose car parts or pizza rolls.

We turn practically everything from small tablet boxes to twinpacks and fridgepacks, wine cartons, recycled empty crates and fabric softener or detergent cartons.

We distribute small twin and 3-packs, six-packs, fridgepacks, medium to large shrink packs, multipacks, full cases, large beverage cartons from one to two or more lanes.

Our systems combine the two- or multi-lane transport of all types of packs, to one or two continuing lanes.

Together with you as a user or as a system supplier, we plan your project. If you wish, we can install the system, put it into operation and show your employees how to use it. We are available when you adapt the system to new tasks. Call us at +49 (0) 2762 / 983 840 or send an E-Mail.

With systems that have been used way more than a thousand times by renowned users worldwide, we are your reliable partner. As a specialist for turning, sorting, distributing, dividing, laneing and merging, we deliver a customised solution for your requirements. Check our applications. There you see the variety of tasks we have solved and what is possible with our systems.

Sorting, Turning, Distributing, Combining