Our systems are sorting quite different products, formats and packagings:

  • small parcels or large cardboard boxes
  • all kinds of foiled packs
  • Twinpacks, sixpacks, multipacks, fridgepacks or shrinkpacks for beverages
  • recycled or full beverage crates
  • Cartons with beverage cans, bottles, jars, canned food trays
  • letter trays, containers with semi-finished products
  • bundles and even sacks
  • folding crates
  • stacked tubs
  • vegetable or salad crates
  • bread baskets

As you see, our systems are sorting a wide range of products. Most likely you already found your product or type of package in above list. If not, you are welcome to call us at +49 (0) 2762 – 983 840. Or simply let us know your sorting requirements via E-Mail. We are sure to find a sorting solution for your specific task. Our systems also sort, for example

  • suitcases and luggage
  • canisters, big bottles or drums
  • and much more

You are welcome to tell us your requirements.

Sorting by barcode in logistics

You want to sort small packages, medium-sized and large cartons onto different lanes according to barcodes. The output of the entire logistics centre, thus the hourly sorting performance, is important. We solve this task by feeding small packages fast, and medium to large packages to the different lanes, also quick, but at the same time in a way that is gentle on the product.

Depending on the parcel size and weight, the following speeds are possible per system

  • 5 – 7 thousand parcels, packages, large cartons (mixed sizes) per hour
  • Up to 9,600 parcels and small cartons per hour

Quality control in production

You want to remove damaged, defective or incomplete products from production. Our systems are designed for up to 9,600 units per hour. Thanks to their compact design, they can be easily integrated into existing systems. The control system is compatible with all common detection systems such as scales or cameras by different manufacturers (insert photo). Our system sorts out the defective product onto either a parallel or right-angled track.

Sorting in food logistics

You are receiving a mix of baskets, meat tubs, boxes (folded or stacked), empty food crates and recycled crates for yoghurt jars or bottles on the conveyor belt of a return and sorting centre.

Our sorting system allocates this assortment at high capacity to individual discharge conveyors parallel or at a 90 degree angle. In the process, conically shaped meat trays, which can be stacked up to one metre high and are correspondingly tippy, are sorted safely. Our sorting system handles each product individually with advanced servo technology.

Sorting recycled empty crates

Receiving a variety of recycled crates, you need to be able to distinguish between the different types of crates, for example, the PET crate, the crate of certain beverage fillers, the fountain crate, the lemonade crate, the yoghurt jar crate, bottle crates and other compartment crates. Our systems sort the whole range of different empty crates at common speeds onto belts running in parallel or at a 90 degree angle.

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