Sorting light and heavy units

For the warehouse logistics of the Wuerth Factory in Bad Mergentheim, 90° discharge and parallel departing lanes are fed with empty, half-full or full crates. Quite a challenging task for our box sorting system. The difference in weight between light and full is huge, by a factor of 100. There are also very different containers such as crates and trays to be handled in order picking at Wuerth..

Container sorting system for 0.5 to 50 kgs at Würth

In doing so, the contents, loose metal parts, may not slip out of the containers under any circumstances. No matter how light or heavy the containers are, they must be moved carefully. And there is another reason for the required careful handling. The loose metal plates and metal parts shall not damage the plastic trays. The resulting wear and tear would be expensive in the long run with the costly replacement of all the bins and trays.

For the sake of smooth operation of the entire system, each container is pushed over as precisely as possible. Under no circumstances should it tilt on the run-off tracks and thus slow down the operation of the entire system.

The different weight of the containers and corresponding friction of the crate and tray undersides require a well thought-out and oversized design of the container sorting system from Sortec Sorting Technology. Extra-long rejection arms and servo motors twice as powerful as those used in conventional applications ensure that each container arrives exactly at the intended position on the discharge conveyor, regardless of the weight and friction conditions.

How the Box sorting system works possibly product-friendly

Gentle handling of the containers means that the transfer process of each box starts carefully at a controlled speed. It is accompanied by our system until the end. This is why even containers filled on one side, where, for example, metal plates lie loose in one area of the crate, arrive at their final position on the discharge conveyor as originally loaded.

Space-saving layout of dischage lanes

The conveyor technology with driven steel rollers makes an important contribution to the gentle, repeatable and durable function of the entire sorting system. Containers that are not problematic to handle, such as empty and small crates, are pushed over more quickly. This increases the performance of the entire system.

With a clever arrangement of the numerous discharge lanes at 90° or in parallel, a space-saving layout of the entire system for order picking at Wuerth in Bad Mergentheim was achieved. The excerpt from our reference list provides information about further applications in logistics.