Quick and gentle sorting

Sorting, distributing or turning sensitive products carefully is just as big a challenge as fast handling at high conveyor speeds. Cartons with thin-walled white wine bottles or electrical goods do not like being bumped. So it is important to achive quick and gentle sorting of your products. For trouble-free operation at high speeds, it is further important that products are moved sideways or turned safely with repeatable accuracy under all circumstances.

We solve this task with servo technology that carries out the transfer or turning process with repetitive accuracy according to defined parameters. And it does so regardless of how light or heavy the product is. Each product is gently accompanied “as if moved by hand”.

Further our systems cope with different centers of gravity of the crates: This is interesting in sorting reycyled crates, where many crates are filled on one side at the front or back. Our technology also compensates for this difference. In this way, each crate reaches the intended lane safely and untwisted, even at high output.

All this is achieved with a rotating sorting or turning unit. Thus, whenever a movement on the conveyor belt is completed, the next arm is ready to start the following action. Our technology in detail:

  • Slow initial speed and progressive acceleration guide the product almost to the final position when sorting or distributing.
  • When turning, we start fast and decelerate the motion the product in a metered manner so that it arrives exactly in the new position at the end of the cycle.
  • The intelligent control and sophisticated product handling distributes a broad variety from small two-packs to 24-packs. And it does so to two, three, four and five lanes.
  • Our well thought-out product guidance also enables sorting of thin-walled and unstable cartons that are open on the sides. For example, with cookies.
  • Rotary motion of our sorting or turning devices provide quiet running, reduces power consumption and wear. No significant maintenance is required.

Suitable for any speed

During sorting, the rejection unit is mounted at a certain angle to the conveyor belt, depending on the speed. At low belt speeds, the rejection movement is about 80 to 90°. At higher speeds, at a more acute angle. In this way, the product is neither slowed down nor unnecessarily accelerated during the rejection process. It is pushed in the middle and released in the middle. Just “as if guided by hand”.

Space-saving design

Thanks to modular design, the systems are versatile, height-adjustable and adaptable to all common conveyor heights. Two or more systems can even be mounted on top of each other on one rack. It doesn’t get any more space-saving than this.

Insensitive to dirt

Moving parts are mainly housed in a completely enclosed chain case. This keeps dirt, broken glass or splash water from cleaning outside.


We have retrofitted many applications in confined spaces. This is possible because the entire mechanics are located above the conveyor. We have installed our systems at existing steel girders at a height of five meters, for example. Even for the challenging job of turning lightweight small boxes, the existing roller conveyor does not have to be converted to mat chain. The fewer conversions on site, the better for you.