Get more out of your palletizer

The variety of today’s products increasingly pushes existing palletizers to their limits. So the challenge is to get more out of your palletizer. Where packs of 2 x 6 cans or bottles used to be handled, now packs of eight, twelve or 24 items shall now be palettized. Further the pallet formats are changed as well. The obvious solution would be to invest in a new palletizer, which is an expensive and often avoidable solution. Because there is an economical alternative: Relieve your palletizer with prepared layer patterns.

Extend the run-time of your pallettizer

So simply keep your palletizer with the help of our systems. Our distribution system arranges the products in advance in a two- or multi-lane layer pattern so that the palletizer can process new formats as he handled the old and familiar ones. Further our distribution often operates as a sorting device, rejecting faulty packs onto an additional lane. Here you see high speed distribution of beer packs from one to three lanes.

Then our system aligns the products length- or crosswise. After that distribution and turning process, each product comes to the palettizer correctly placed and oriented. All this is done in a fairly short distance.

How distribution and turning systems increase production

The servo technology of our systems for distributing and turning the products avoids the performance-reducing start and stop operation between packer and palletizer. The quick handling of small packs makes up for the time lost in the product-friendly and correspondingly slower distribution and rotation of large packs. This is how our technology optimizes the interaction of packer and palletizer.

The control of our systems also contributes to a better production flow. The changeover of the products or layer patterns takes place automatically via a cross-signal connection based on previously set data.

Simple retrofit, needs little space

Our distribution and turning systems can be easily retrofitted. They require little space and can be adapted to all common conveyor types and heights. They have a modular structure and are correspondingly versatile. Our distribution often works space-saving with a pendulum board above the conveyor system, which avoids costly alterations.

During turning, sensitive products are packed on both sides in a turning tunnel that is guided to the product from above and moved gently matching the conveyor speed. As the following video shows, our space-saving rotating board is sufficient for low speeds and variable product formats.

As the next video of our distribution and turning system at the Heineken brewery shows, we achieve significantly higher performance with a turnstile processing up to 9,600 units per hour.

As you will note from the references below, we helped to extend the runtime of existing palletizers and optimizing the production at a number of applications:

Distribution onlyProductUser
1 → 2 lanes & sort out of faulty crates to 3rd lanebeer crateCarlsberg Brewery Hamburg/Germany
1 → 2 lanescrate mineral waterFachinger Mineralbrunnen/Germany
1 → 2 lanesbeer crateSchultheiss Brewery Berlin
1 → 2 lanes & sort out of faulty crates to 3rd lanebeer crateVeltins Bewery
1 → 2 lanesShrinkpack and CartonC&D Food Netherlands
1 → 2 lanesbeer crateHeineken France
1 → 2 lanes to even out workloadCartonLech Browary Poland
1 → 2 lanesShrinkpackCoca Cola
2 → 3 lanesSixpackMartens Brewery Belgium
2 → 3 lanesShrinkpackRadlberger Juices Austria
2 → 3 lanesShrinkpackRadegast Czech Republic
1 → 2 & 1 → 3 lanesPackTassoni Italy

Distribution and turning

1 → 2 lane distribution, then turningCartonHeineken Netherlands
1 → 2 lane distribution due to selected layer pattern, then turningPacks with sugarTereos France
Turning, then 1 → 2 lane distributionWrap around packOttakringer Brewery, Austria
Turning, then 1 → 2 lane distributionShrinkpackPepsico
Turning to create layer pattern

Turning onlyProductUser
due to layer patternCrateDanone Duisburg, Germany
due to layer patternCrateAuburgquelle Wagenfeld
due to layer patternCrateRheinfelsquelle Mineral water, Germany
due to layer patternCrateBerglandmilch Dairy, Austria
due to layer patternCrate with juice bottlesGarcia Carrion, Spain
due to layer patternCarton with wine bottlesReh Kendermann, Germany
due to layer patternCartonHenkel, France
always turncartonPilsen, Czech Republic
always turnWraparound packUnicer, Portugal
due to layer patternShrinkpackBrandenburger Urstromquelle Baruth, Germany
always turnShrinkpack with cansMackle Pet Food, Irleand
due to layer patternTrayGöpper Eystrup Jam, Denmark