Control options for prepalletizing

To prepare different layer patterns for the palletizer, our systems distribute and rotate your products. For example, they supply the palletizer with packs or similar products arriving lengthwise or crosswise in one, two or more lanes. There are two control options for prepalletizing. One is the Sortec control system with internal storage of the data. Or our system takes over the data from a higher-level control system that you already have.

Sophisticated conveyor control improves prepalletizing

In order to avoid belt stops and to achieve an ideally steady run of production up to the palletizer without unnecessary stop and go, the conveyor speed in the infeed and outfeed of our distribution and turning systems can be regulated with the Sortec control system.

As an alternative our systems work with a corresponding bus card, which makes separate manual adjustments by the staff on the display unnecessary. Further with different bus cards, the control can be adapted due to your specifications.

Centralized or decentralized control

In logistics and empty crate recycling our systems are usually integrated into other control systems using bus systems. This has several advantages for many plants in a confined space. Here, looping from control cabinet to control cabinet is particularly interesting. It is clearly arranged, because instead of a whole bunch cables only 3 to 4 are necessary from inverter to inverter. In a conventional installation, cable bundles with up to 30 to 40 strands accumulate. The looped arrangement with fewer cables helps to localize and rectify faults a lot easier and quicker.

On request, we will take care of this issue during the project planning of our systems and adaptation of the interfaces to the higher-level plant. We will be happy to advise you on both control variants.