Tray turning system

Rotating trays with a fast turning system, it is important that cans standing loose in low cartons remain in the flat packages during the process and do not fall out of the trays being open at the top. Incomplete trays, damaged products, downtimes for the entire line and high personnel costs for troubleshooting are not acceptable.

Tray turning system for fast and product-friendly handling

That’s why our turning system for trays works with two revolving turning tunnels that grip the tray on both sides at the edge just above the conveyor. There they soon begin rotating the product. The servo technology ensures a repeatable 90° rotation of the can trays up to the intended end position.

The tray turning system with two rotation tunnels, where one turns the product while the second is ready for the next tray, offers product-friendly handling at high speed.

When turning trays and low, open-top cardboard boxes or packs, it helps that all components operate above the conveyor. This design prevents that cans fallen out will not stop the operation of the turning system and interrupt the performance of the entire system.

A special program stored in the converter offers a dynamic and precisely controlled rotation that handles the product fast and gentle. It is even possible to safely turn trays that are moving on rollers. Each tray leaves the turning station in such a way that products do not become wedged or jammed and the system does not come to a standstill during palletizing. Reliable rotation that is gentle on the product is also important for trays because the cardboard on the trays that protrudes at the sides make handling difficult.

Installing the turning system for trays in existing systems, the modular and straightforward design contributes to inexpensive retrofitting without major conversions and simple commissioning. It is pushed to the side of the existing conveyor, fastened there and commissioned.