Shrink pack distribution

There are different systems for shink pack distribution, for example special conveyors with built-in switches. An elegant but complex solution that requires the purchase of a complex distribution switch and is not recommendable for retrofitting a distribution system for cost reasons and space requirements. Added to this are the considerable weight and the maintenance-intensive operation.

Shrink pack distribution from above

Distributing shrink packs from above instead is space-saving, versatile and a lot cheaper. In principle, the frame of our Tangens 360 S distribution system is pushed aside the existing converor like a chair is moved to a table, mounted at the conveyor and put into operation. This is possible quickly, almost any time at any common conveyor, even later as a retrofit, and at great installation heights. For Coca Cola in Prague, we commissioned our shrink pack distribution system on a platform about 3 meters height above floor level. You can’t do this with a switch.

Here the packs are transferred to the intended position on the conveyor belt in a product-friendly manner, regardless of their size and weight.

Since the shrink packs are always pushed in the middle and the contact with the transfer unit also ends in the middle, undesirable acceleration or deceleration torques of the product are avoided. This is important with transverse, high and correspondingly unstable shrink packs, which have to reach the downstream system in an exactly positioned position even after distribution.

The control and the servo drive ensure gentle product handling. The packs are initially pushed slowly and only then progressively accelerated. Up to ten pack types can be selected in the standard control. A PLC is recommended for a larger variety of products.

Desirable performance is achieved with two rotating distribution boards sharing the work. While the product being distributed reaches its end position, the next pack is already approaching the second pair of distribution boards of our system. A closer look at other key points:

  • The packs are not distributed in columns one behind the other, but 1 to 1. This distribution pattern ensures that the palletizer is supplied evenly which in turn reduces the required buffer distance in front of the palletizer.
  • Packs being conveyed to the palletizer on curves are not packed tightly together thanks to the even division instead of columns. This avoids damages of jammed packs with i.e. loss of labels.
  • Damaged products, film remnants, labels or objects do not impair the function since the mechanism is working above the conveyor.
  • Small space requirements thanks to compact design: installation length less than one meter.
  • The mechanical unit weighs less than 130 kg, making it easy to retrofit to existing stages/supports.
  • Simple addition to existing systems. Inverters for the servo drive are available in different versions. In addition to a simple input and output card as a stand-alone version with operator display, bus cards are available that enable communication via an interface to the higher-level controller.
  • Energy-saving, since only every second shrink pack is pushed over. Several networked distribution systems enable further savings through energy recovery.
  • Quiet operation with almost noiseless working servo motor.