Space-saving beverage crate sorting

It is a challenging job: Space-saving beverage crate sorting ahead of the palletiser from one to three lanes. Or sorting empty crates arriving from the depalettiser. Our space-saving system requires just one metre installation length. The video below shows sorting empty crates passing in the central lane with some conveyed to the left or right discharge lane.

High speed space-saving beverage crate sorting of empties

Returned mineral water crates are sorted according to the green or brown crate colour and the contents of the crate. Unknown crates are fed to a discharge lane. Sorting speed up to 4,500 crates/hour.

Three-lane sorting with rotating mechanism well above the conveyor

How we achieve sorting 4,500 beverage crates per hour

Depending on the task, our systems move the crates with rows of rollers or transfer boards. The advantages:

  • Within the described installation length of one metre the sorting hardware requires just 400 mm (≈ 16 inch). Depending on the space on site, the motor (marked red) is mounted above the entry or exit of the sorting station.
  • Empties being often stored outside, the crates are coming with dirt or broken glass. For save and trouble-free operation our systems operate from above.
  • The system suits to common belt or roller conveyors. They and can be easily retrofitted.
  • The crates are handled gentle and fast.
  • High speed is achieved due to the rotating transfer unit, whose next row of rollers is ready for the arriving crate while the previous one is being transferred.

Sorting full beverage crates for pre-palletising

As the video shows, the system creates layer patterns for pre-palletising thanks to its small dimensions, high performance and product-friendly function. And it removes faulty products like crates with missing bottles as well. Outputs of over 4,500 crates per hour are handled with two systems connected in series.