Sorting sensitive cartons

Examples of sorting sensitive cartons with three different products: Boxes with thin-walled and accordingly fragile disposable glas bottles, partially open cartons with sensitive biscuits and large, heavy cartons with flexible liquid detergent bottles.

Sorting sensitive cartons with fragile glass

When sorting cartons with fragile glass bottles, it is very important that the products are carefully pushed over. This is especially true for cartons without compartments between the bottles. They are breaking quickly. Not to mention repeated downtimes of the entire line.

In order to still achieve the high performance required, the system shown in the video below works with three rotating transfer boards. They initially push the carton slowly and then increasingly accelerate it crosswise. This avoids the unprotected bottles in the carton from hitting each other and breaking. The circular arrangement of the three transfer boards provides required high performance sorting of the boxes.

This user had to sort the beer cartons across the large distance of the existing wide conveyor belt. The transfer boards are aligned at a particular angle to the running direction, so that each box is always contacted in the middle and released in the middle. This avoids disadvantageous acceleration and braking torques. The angle of the transfer boards is easily adjustable to the belt speed at any time.

Cartons with fragile biscuits

Careful product handling is also important when handling biscuit boxes. The sensitive content should reach the customer undamaged. In addition, the biscuit boxes are partially open at the top and therefore unstable. The gentlest possible contact with the transfer unit, as can be seen in the video in this case of a roll, and the lateral acceleration being gentle to the product bring the two contradictory requirements into line. Thoughtfully soft product contact, initially slow then progressively accelerated transfer. The two-roller rotating transfer unit provides the desired performance.

Sorting delicate cartons with soft detergent bottles

Large boxes with heavy, thin-walled and correspondingly flexible liquid detergent bottles are sorted at right angles onto the discharge track with our corner transfer units. As the following video shows, the product is pushed as soon as the product is attached to the transfer board.

There are various options for controlling the sorting system. Either the product is checked for completeness during quality control (e.g. weighed) and sorted out. Or it is sorted according to other criteria. In most cases, according to the user’s specifications, the goods are distributed to different lanes before palletizing. The palletizer receives the boxes in two or three lanes. This relieves the palletizer and optimizes the performance of the entire line.