Welcome to the specialist for product-appropriate handling of all types of packaging. Our systems are easily mounted on existing conveyor belts. The installation or retrofit is almost as simple as you place a chair at a table. Due to the compact construction, they need little space. They are working fast and with repeatable accuracy.

Our systems sort small to large cartons, empty crates, toilet paper packs, collapsed folding boxes, stacked tubs or cardboard boxes with sensitive goods.

They also turn practically everything. Compact 3-can sets to six-packs, wine cartons, recyceled empty crates, cartons with washing powder or fabric softener.

They distribute six-packs, large beverage cartons or empty crates from one to two or three lanes.

They combine products from multi-lane transport: assembling pack patterns or to enhance performance of the entire production.

Since 1998 we are planning, manufacturing, installing or renewing such systems. More than a thousand Sortec sorting systems prove their worth every day all over the world. Get inspired by our Applications.