2 to 3-way distribution - 3D Model2 to 3-way distribution - 3D Model

Turning CratesTurning Crates

Turning CratesTurning Crates



Sortec systems handle practically everything. Just 3 cm high folding boxes or bulky 50 kgs cardboard containers such as paper-tissue packs or bundles. Further, our systems also sort luggage. All this is done at high conveyor speeds.

Thanks to many years of experience in the beverage industry Sortec is familiar with a variety of tasks taking care of the transfer of multi packs, shrink packs, tissue packs for example, almost the entire range of logistic solutions including E-commerce logistics.

So sorting solutions did not have to be invented for logistic applications. In many cases it is possible to adapt one of our existing standard systems in an efficient manner, even the corner transfer.

The modular structure of the sorting components enables Sortec to offer readlily developed, tried, proven and reliable sorting and distributions systemat attractive prives.







Sortec Sortiertechnik installs more and more systems in the Logistics industry. These businesses are not looking for expensive, individual solutions but inexpensive standard products. Sortec is prepared for future challenges with new manufacturing  techniques and system components for the range of modular systems. This allows us to offer fully developed line systems and components to competitive conditions.


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