General function

The system transfers a wide range of different cases, cardplate boxes, small packs, large boxes, containers or cans, flat-bottomed folding boxes, trays, bags, bundles or sacks. The transfer is carried out with pusher plates operating above and aside the conveyor. The plates rotate with high repeatability in a robot-like precision. They operate with little wear, requiring low maintenance.


The system is robust, simple and quick to assemble. It can be retrofitted easily. Quick operation with three pusher plates. The sorting components rotate above the conveyor. This contributes to a trouble-free transfer of boxes, cartons, cases, crates, containers, packs or bundles.

Thanks to its concept, gentle product handling and low wear operation, the system works flawlessly for many years.

It is adaptable to increased or reduced conveyor speeds with little effort by the staff on site. Thanks to its modular design, the system is versatile and suitable for various tasks. It handles up to 10,000 containers per hour.


The transfer components rotate and push in one direction. This results in gentle product handling i.e. of fragile boxes or cases, an even operation, and a smooth, trouble free transfer. Reliable long term operation.

The lateral acceleration of the product is controlled during the entire transfer process, from the start-up of pushing to decreased motion when a box or case it approaching the end osition. This is achieved with a special program.

Gentle product handling is essential for transferring containers like cardboard boxes with fragile contents, i. e. boxes of baked goods, chemical products, or for pushing packages with unknown content.

The product is accompanied by the pusher plate throughout the entire pushing process. When the transfer nears completion, the next plate is ready for the following container.

Even the transfer of long side leading cartons, containers or boxes is no problem. They reach their final position square to the conveyor. The Sortec know-how and the smart guidance of the container even at high conveyor speeds make it possible.

The system is proven by several hundred applications in breweries, food and logistics companies since 2001.

Sorting of cardboard boxes

  • thin-walled cardboard boxes with fragile contents are gently pushed by large guiding plates
  • high repeatable transfer of 0.2 to 50 kg cartons thanks to modern servo technology. Thus, no matter the weight, each product always reaches its intended position at the end of the pushing process
  • precise positioning of the boxes - if necessary, with an additional guiding angle - facilitate applications for downstream scanning or printing. Clip 28 shows the sophisticated sorting of fragile softener boxes (heavy bottles in thin-walled boxes)
  • the transfer of biscuit packs in half-open boxes or baking soda packs, pizza rolls or cigar boxes benefit from Sortec pushing know-how

Sorting of boxes

  • the transfer works trouble free and unimpaired by dirt or broken pieces. The pusher operates above the conveyor belt
  • easy retrofitting without modification of existing conveyor systems
  • suitable for most conveyor types: belt, chain, roller or strap hinge systems
  • accurate transfer of empty and lightweight, full and heavy, small and large boxes due to a servo motor assuring high repeatability by means of individually adjusted movements for pushing

Sorting of Shrinkpacks

  • safe transfer of sensitive items like shrinkpacks wrapped up in thin and vulnerable film
  • pushing of packs with wavy walls due to irregular, displaced  cans or bottles
  • no disturbing braking or acceleration moments in the conveying direction during the transfer
  • safe pushing of deformed packs or those with frayed foil

Sorting trays and cases

  • single 30 mm flat and stacked containers
  • folded low or unfolded 800 mm high folding boxes with individual pusher parameters

The electrical control depends on application and peripheral situation. It may be a standalone solution with its own panel. It can be linked via Profibus to a parental level to collaborating with other systems automatically.


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