Sorting to 90° reject conveyorSorting to 90° reject conveyor

Turning and dividing six packsTurning and dividing six packs

Turning system (90°)Turning system (90°)


Our systems operate as sorter, for the transfer or as rotator of

  • small cartons, cases, packages and large boxes
  • flat folding boxes
  • fish packs or meat packs
  • trays, bags/pouches or sensitive products 
  • bundles or sacks which can be pushed.


A single system separates

  • short side leading packs (boxes, containers) to a maximum of five lanes
  • long side leading products onto three tracks
  • up to 200 items per minute at 1:1 sorting
  • up to 120 items per minute on multiple lanes


Our systems turn

  • Packs or boxes by 90° or 180°
  • up to 170 packs per minute with dual installation, one system behind the other
  • or prepare palletizing layers by means of a combines sorting and rotating function for the delivery of easy to handle product patterns


The Benefits

  • fast cycle times that are not reached by robots
  • production increase of the entire plant at favorable costs
  • easy retrofit at existing plants
  • quick mounting and commissioning,
  • low wear and tear
  • durability.









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