to the specialist for sorting and turning of all kinds of packs and crates for the beverage, food and logistics industries.

Sortec offers customized solutions for folded boxes, crates, packs, shrinkpacks or other containers, which have to be sorted on conveyors, or aligned for complete pack layers for the palletizers.

Our systems sort small or large cartons, empty crates, consolidated folding boxes, stacked trays or cardboard boxes containing sensitive products using a corner transfer.

They turn practically everything, be it the compact three can pack, sixpacks, wine cartons, empty beverage crates, cartons with fabric softener, detergent packs or paper-tissue packs.

They lane sixpacks, larger beverage packs, empty or full crates from singe lane transport onto two or more conveyors.

We are your reliable partner, for planning, manufacturing, installation, and commissioning of these systems. Since 1998 we have sold many hundreds of these machines backed by our excellent after sales service.


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