One or two packing machines feed the conveyor belts with packs, shrinkpacks or trays in multiple lanes. Some machines downstream cannot handle this. So Sortec’s Combining units streamline the multi-lane transport to a managable order. From two lanes to a single lane transport or other variants as needed.

Bringing your products into line

The modern packing machine provides packs with cans and bottles in various formats: for example, three-packs, six-packs, 24-packs or trays in some combinations. Our system streamlines the multi-lane production flow by combining from

  • 4 → 2 Lanes
  • 3 → 2 Lanes

Merging side by side to one behind the other

When operating with two packers, one main lane and one secondary lane are fed by the packers. Here, the products are to be combined from the secondary lane onto the main lane for single-lane transport.

Merging lanes behind two packers

In addition to the reliable combining of the products into the gap of the main lane, our control system also ensures belt control, due to your requirements. Our servo technology for merging, which is dynamically tailored to the motion sequences, offers high throughput performance with gentle product handling. This is particularly interesting for tall and tippy cans in trays without film.