The system turns small containers, shrink packs, boxes, cases, little cardboard cartons, large cartons, bundles or even trays by 90 or 180 degrees. For example, empty crates are turned fter unpacking for a uniformly aligned transport. Or cartons, cases, boxes, trays are turned into a uniform pattern for palletizing.

Depending on the product, i.e. the size of the box, carton, case, container or tray, the available space, the required performance and other aspects, there are three different turning systems available: The turnstile, the rotating plate or the turning tunnel.


Depending on the requirements and the chosen solution the systems score with a clear concept, high speeds (up to 170 boxes, cartons, cases, containers or trays per minute), rapid adaptation to a changed product flow or a notably gentle handling of boxes, bundles, crates or trays. The components of the turning tunnel operate above the conveyor. This contributes to a trouble-free rotation of cartons, crates or even trays.

The turner works with little wear, almost maintenance-free. The turners are robust, easy to understand and simple to use by site personnel. Since 2006, there are many turners in use.


The turnstile system (See clip 24) is the economical and powerful all-rounder for a broad variety of boxes, bundles, cases, crates, cartons or different containers or trays. It turns each product passing and handles up to 170 cartons, crates or containers per minute. Adjustment to a product change with a different carton or crate size is done either automatically via a separate signal from the master control or manually.

The turner plate (See clip 16) handles any kind of box, crate or container and even bundles, similar to the turnstile. A special control permits boxes, cases, cartons, crate or trays passing untwisted. Capacity is up to 70 containers/minute.

The tunnel rotator grips the box or carton from the top and turns it with a robot-like precision. The axis of rotation is positioned so that the box or carton, turns on the spot, without any offset.

The box or tray is safely guided by the gripper to its end position. This system is ideal for special goods such as delicate boxes, wine cartons or bottles of fabric softener in thin-walled packaging. And it handles fragile containers or cases, like six-packs, at high speed. Gentle handling avoids banging the bottles against each other. The turning tunnel offers comparably more time for the rotation of the product. See clips 3, 6, 13, 14, 15, 22, 23 and 29

The 180 degree rotation - as seen in clip 20 - is possible thanks to the guidance of the container or carton from both sides.

The tandem-rotator consists of two turning devices mounted on one frame. This solution is recommended for a capacity of up to 170 containers per minute. As one rotator executes its job, the second  rotator prepares for the following product. See clip 1


To rotate products there are two alternative systems available:
•    The system with 2 rotating tunnels based on the technique of the Tangens 360 system.
•    The system with a turning cross.




The structure of the 180° rotator is the same as the turning cross. The precise acceleration and braking of the servo drive allows an exact repeatability, which is necessary for the 180° rotation movement. The pre-adjusted frequency inverter together with the product and output allows a speed of up to 4.000 crates / packs per hour.


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