Precise transfer of boxes, packs, cartons, cases, empty or full crates, canisters, containers, shrink-packs or other shrink wrapped products like baked goods or paper rolls by means of a pusher.

The transfer of cases is done either at an angle of 90 degree to the original conveying direction or a pusher on to two or more parallel lanes.

Depending on the space available the task and required capacity, there are two different transfer-solutions available for boxes or cases. The swing plate and two- or three - plate pusher systems.


Easy retrofitting. Space-saving and efficient transfer. Suitable for roller conveyors. Quiet, almost noiseless pusher. Safe, low-maintenance transfer operation for many years. Product-friendly, durable, precise and highly repeatable handling due to a servomotor operation.

Five-lanes transfer by a single pusher system is possible under appropriate conditions.


The transfer of goods like boxes, cartons, crates or cases with a Swinging plate, arranged centrally above the conveyor, is particularly space-saving. Dependant on the box or container size the swinging plate requires just 300 mm length of the conveyor while the mechanism of the pusher system mounted on top may be longer. It transfers cases or crates to several lanes. See clip 4

Multi-plate systems provide a bigger transfer capacity. Regardless of the box or carton size two distribution plates transfer up to 120 units per minute (7.200/h). Three-plate systems distribute up to 160 small boxes, cases, packs or bundles per minute (9.600 / h). This is possible due to the smooth revolving operation of a low wear servo pusher motor. See clips 2, 8, 10, 11, 17, 19, 21

The systems transfer a wide range of different cartons or containers, even bundles: From just 30 mm high folded crates to several stacked trays, more than 500 mm high. Different pusher operation modes are chosen, automatically for the transfer, initiated by light barriers sensing the box or carton height. Or by manual product codes selected manually via an perator display. Or the pusher system receives the corresponding signal from a master control.

1:1 distribution reaches a capacity of 220 transfers per minute (13,200 / h). Clips 2 and 17 show rates of up to 160 per minute.

90 Degree Transfer

Parallel Transfer

3 Way Transfer


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