Dividing Shrink packsDividing Shrink packs

Turning and dividing six packsTurning and dividing six packs

Sorting to 90° conveyors (corner transfer)Sorting to 90° conveyors (corner transfer)

Turning and dividing six packsTurning and dividing six packs

Turning crates (90°)Turning crates (90°)

Turning and sorting crates (one system)Turning and sorting crates (one system)

Sorting to 90° reject conveyorSorting to 90° reject conveyor

BildbeschreibungTurning system (90°)" title="Drehen" />Turning system (90°)

Sorting 1 : 3 lines (compact system)Sorting 1 : 3 lines (compact system)

Sorting to 90° corner transferSorting to 90° corner transfer


At the time Sortec began to develop its first generation of rejection systems for the beverage industry the task was to transfer more or less uniform boxes, beverage crates or beverage packs like six packs. That was in the nineties and it was comparably easy.

Today there is an increasing variety of boxes and packs of different weights passing along the conveyor belt. On top of that is the need for gentle product handling by the divider. Sensitive logos or thin-walled corrugated cardboard packages, cartons or shrink packs must not by damaged by the sorter.

Sorting became more and more difficult. For several years now Sortec masters the sophisticated transfer of this challenging mix - even at variable speeds. Our sorting solutions manage to move the containers and crates in such a manner that they are always delivered exacltly to their scheduled position by the diverter.

According to preset parameters our systems guarantee that a pack is conveyed with approprioate acceleration and suitable speed to the center of the parallel lane, without being twisted or touching the opposite guide rail.

The use of our systems significantly contributes to the performance of the whole plant. For example by reducing the work load of the palletizing robot.

Our sorting systems take care of common turning and positioning tasks. The preefeeding laner enables the robot to create more layers per hour. That is our understanding of advanced sorting, which makes the production flow much more efficient.





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