Sortec Sortiertechnik is a mechanical engineering and manufacturing company in Olpe/Germany. Sortec is specialized in the development, the design, construction, project planning, retrofitting and improving sorting solutions. Sortec takes care of installing and servicing such applications for the food and beverage industry and provides logistic solutions as well.

No matter the size or sensitivity of the containers, be it chemical packs, detergent packs, paper tissue packs, food packs like meat packs or fish packs, shrink packs, foil packs, food crates or beverage crates, Sortecs sorting solutions help to keep the production flow smooth and consistent.

Having completed his studies of business management Julian Braschos founded the company in 1998. Sortec entered the market with a system managing the tricky transfer of wobbly PET bottles with a special sorter. Since then it is possible to converge the unstable containers from several channels to a single lane transport in adverse conditions by means of a well proven combiner. This was developed by his father Karl-Heinz Braschos who was consulting until 2009.

Julian Braschos grew up with a clear focus on customers' requirements which can be traced back to the beginnings of Conto Kontrollanlagen in the 1960's in Siegen/Westfalen. In 2001 a system for the transfer of boxes was introduced. This was followed by a pack rotator in 2006. The two-sided guide provides gentle and precise handling of different products. It was developed further in 2011.

This specific turner knowhow helped Sortec to become the ideal partner for the food processing industry and logistics. Sortec systems

  • rotate trays with jam jars
  • guide pizza rolls to different channels
  • distribute stacked meat trays, salad and vegetable crates
  • supply packaging robots with boxes of all kinds
  • feed conveyors with collapsed folding crates
  • prepare pallet layer patterns for the palletising robot
  • handle multi packs, hygene packs, tissue packs

The company is located in the geographic centre of Europe close to the Motorway junctions A 4 and A 45 (E40/41) linking Frankfurt, Cologne and Dortmund. This makes shipping and service of sorting systems efficient.


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